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Best Ever No-Bake Desserts!

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Leave the oven off and get your tastebuds ready, because I have a wonderful list of Best Ever No-Bake Desserts! for you to try. They range from marshmallow cookies, creamy cakes and fluffy no-bake cheesecakes!

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What is a no-bake dessert?

You don’t need to turn the oven on to make a delicious dessert. No cranking up the air conditioner on warm days. You can make a no-bake cake using cookies, cookies that are already baked with a yummy home-made marshmallow covered in chocolate and cheesecakes that aren’t always set with gelatine!

So buckle in, here’s my list list of my best ever no-bake desserts!

Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake

12. Cadbury Crème Egg Cheesecake

Fluffy chocolate cheesecake that sets like magic, has no gelatin and is no-bake? Enter my Cadbury Crème Egg Chocolate Cheesecake! We’re all starved of chocolate this time of the year right? Well, that’s why this No-Bake Cadbury Crème Egg Cheesecake exists. Topped with Cadbury crème eggs, whipped cream and passionfruit curd, this cheesecake is a show stopping way to celebrate the easter bunnies birthday!

No-Bake Unicorn Poop Cheesecake

11. No-Bake Unicorn Poop Cheesecake

This No-Bake Unicorn Dream cake is just so beautiful! It’s a creamy and smooth white chocolate cheesecake with gorgeous unicorn colours and gold drips. And look at those cute little chocolate bars on top!

Slice of Cherry Ripple Cheesecake being lifted out of cake

10. Cherry Ripple Cheesecake

This Cherry Ripple cheesecake is a miracle cheesecake. It has no gelatin and it’s no-bake. AND IT’S FLUFFY! It’s the perfect addition at your next get together and the perfect way to celebrate juicy cherries! It starts with a chocolate cookie crust, an easy to make cherry ripple cheesecake and then finished with fresh cherries!

No-Bake Rainbow Cheesecake

09. No-Bake Rainbow Cheesecake

Want something fun, colourful and easy to make this weekend? Look no further! This rainbow funfetti cheesecake is what you’re looking for! My no-bake cheesecakes are really delicious guys. This cheesecake has a surprise rainbow inside, which is easier to achieve than you think!

No-Bake Cookie Butter Cheesecake

08. No-Bake Cookie Butter Cheesecake

Have you ever tried cookie butter? The name says it all! It tastes just like eating cookie paste! So delicious! Couple it with chocolate chips and caramel and you have something really special. This No-Bake Cookie Butter cheesecake is ultra-indulgent! A yummy cookie butter base, cookie butter and chocolate cheesecake and topped with speculoos cookies and whipped cream!

a no-bake cheesecake with slice taken out and raspberry swirled through it.

07. Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

Freshness is in season with my No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake which is packed full of berry goodness! It has so many awesome things going for it! It’s so easy to make, it’s no-bake, has no gelatine and I haven’t even gotten to how awesome it tastes! The crust is made of Digestives biscuits cookies, a delicious no-bake vanilla cheesecake that is perfectly creamy and not too sweet. Finished with fresh berries and a gorgeous apricot jam glaze! Perfect for warmer months!

Slice of No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

06. No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie

This No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is the penultimate marriage of that classic flavour combo: salty peanut butter and dark chocolate. My chocolate pie is no-bake, it’s easy to make and really yum! An Oreo crust, fluffy peanut butter cheesecake, topped with silky smooth chocolate ganache, mounds of whipped cream, chocolate ganache, chopped salted peanuts and mini peanut butter cups!

Indulgent slice of No-bake Picnic Pie

05. No-Bake Picnic Pie

It’s not difficult to enjoy a slice or two of this dreamy caramel and chocolate pie. Topped with salted peanuts and packed with chopped picnic bars for an added crunch, it’s a no-bake must-have treat that everyone will enjoy!

Mini Nutella Cheesecakes

04. Mini Nutella Cheesecake

These gorgeous Mini Nutella Cheesecakes are made of a delicious Oreo biscuit base and topped with a creamy Nutella Cheesecake. These cheesecakes are quick and easy to make, a great make ahead dessert and they’re no-bake!

hand adding meringue to Eton Mess Cheesecake

03. Eton Mess Cheesecake

Eton Mess is a British classic! Combine it with a deliciously creamy, no-bake cheesecake and you have an indulgent dessert that everyone will love! Layers of Fluffy whipped cream, raspberries and crispy meringue! I mean, can it get any better?

Hand holding Chocolate being poured on Snowball Marshmallows

02. Snowball Marshmallow Cookies

These gorgeous snowball marshmallows cookies are a soft and delicious holiday treat! They start with a cookie base (any cookie you like), then they’re topped with a homemade marshmallow, which, unlike store-bought marshmallows is almost mouse-like in texture and not chewy. They’re drizzled with a thin coating of dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. So easy to make and they make a great edible gift for the holiday season!

Front on shot of a slice of No-Bake Mocha Cake

01. Mocha Ice-Box Cake

No-Bake Mocha Ice-Box Cake! It doesn’t get easier than this cake! This no-bake dessert is layered with chocolate chip cookies, spiked chocolate and coffee whipped cream and it’s topped with whipped cream and chopped cookies. No gelatin, no cream cheese. And that’s not even the best part! The magic with this cake is that after letting this rest, the cookies soak in the yummy cream and become cakey. A pure delight!

1 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake - Close up of a spoon going into a decorated chocolate mug cake

BONUS: 1 Minute Chocolate Cake!

Ok, I lied. I have 13 recipes. But I couldn’t resist ok? This recipe is too good! Now technically, this recipe is cooked, but technically it’s not baked. It’s cooked in the microwave. Making a really good 1-minute chocolate cake in the microwave is not only possible, but I have the recipe, and I’m willing to give it away for free. Am I incredibly generous? I don’t know… But, yes. I am.

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